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fit for everyone

Comfortable and Reliable

The medical grade silicone face piece helps prevent skin rashes and acne. The face piece is removable and can even go in the dishwasher.

Positive Air Pressure

Fan fed, filtered air is delivered through the face piece, allowing for easy breathing with no fear of leaks as the fan is always blowing.


The E01 compact air purifying respirator out-performs every existing mask including the N95 rating.


Reusable, only the filter is changed.                Filters 98.85% of particles (avg. of 10 filters tested) 3 Speed Fan, onboard battery powered.            USB fast charging, up to 6 hours run time.


Adjustable velcro straps, can be worn with glasses or a visor -the integrated blower helps reduce fogging and misting

2.5 microns is small

A novel approach

We have combined barrier protection and particulate filtration in a wearer device that is comfortable to wear on your face, easy to clean and maintain and provides substantial dollar savings over existing alternatives.


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